Regular email is unsuitable for serious messaging applications. It can easily be monitored while it travels through the Internet and it is even easier to monitor when stored on mail servers.

Encryption enables the use of email for private and protected communication with clients, business associates, family and friends.


When looking for a secure email solution, look for end-to-end encryption that secures email transport and storage. Avoid so called "secure email" solution that only encrypts transport (SSL) and leaves email content in plain text while stored on the servers or computers.


Recipient Verification

Authenticate recipients with a shared secret, their own phone number, or their own password.

Certified Email Delivery

View proof of delivery, view proof or access, set expiry dates, revoke access after sending.

Send Large Files

Send files of any size, even 10+ GBs. Overcome size and performance limits. Automatic background transfers, automatic resume, even when your Internet connection breaks or you reboot your machine, no more transfer interruptions or resends. Recipient may even start the download before you finish your upload!

Protect Yourself

Avoidable problems:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Identity Theft
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Message Modification
  • False Messages
  • Message Replay
  • Unprotected Backups