Tired of your email being an open book? Wish you could trust your email and get your privacy back? We provide the service to get the email privacy and confidentiality you need.

Features Offered

  • secure, completely automatic and transparent to the sender and recipient end-to-end encryption
  • ability to set message expiry dates and revoke message access
  • send with ease to any email address
  • HIPAA & GLBA compliant
  • single and multi-user accounts

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  • unlimited size attachments with background transfer and auto-resume for huge files
  • optional two factor authentication for maximum privacy and security
  • send and receive secure voice emails, of any lengts and to/from any email address

Multi-user accounts also feature:

  • ability to use your own domain
  • administrative control panel for use account management
  • control over user accounts
  • customizable interface

Regardless of your computer skills you will find the service easy to use. Don't wait. We provide free technical support over the phone and online and get help you with any potential questions and can even offer suggestions. We have been doing this for over 10 years.

Techincal Information

  • email encrypted at source with 256 bit AES and upto 4096 bit RSA key exchange
  • two factor authentication possible with external and removable RSA keys
  • no 3rd party key holder for individual and master business accounts

Recipient Verification

Authenticate recipients with a shared secret, their own phone number, or their own password.

Certified Email Delivery

View proof of delivery, view proof or access, set expiry dates, revoke access after sending.

Send Large Files

Send files of any size, even 10+ GBs. Overcome size and performance limits. Automatic background transfers, automatic resume, even when your Internet connection breaks or you reboot your machine, no more transfer interruptions or resends. Recipient may even start the download before you finish your upload!

Protect Yourself

Avoidable problems:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Identity Theft
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Message Modification
  • False Messages
  • Message Replay
  • Unprotected Backups