Unless you are a highVIP/CryptoHeaven guru you will run into issues that will require at least some assistance. Even when you know things inside out you may not know the best way of doing certain things, you may be looking for a feature that you cannot find or a feature may not be quite what you expected. There are people who have worked on this for many years, so why not ask for some assistance?


Introduce yourself

Use your name or at least a “nickname” you are known by. It is very basic, you’d be amazed how many people don’t even bother providing a name.


Provide Detailed Description

Once in a while we receive requests such as this: "It does not work, please FIX IT!". These kind or requests only delay the response as we need to ask you again about the problem, and since from the "description" absolutely nothing is known about the problem we have to ask the very basic quesitons.

The more information that applies to the problem you provide, the better the change we answer it promptly and correctly. Please provide as much information as you can think of that might apply. Simple questions that will go a long way toward finding the correct solution:

  • When did you notice the issue?
  • How has the issue manifested itself?
  • What error message was displayed, if any?
  • Is this issue reproducible, if so how?
Include as much information as you can, it can only help us. When describing the problem take into consideration the fact that your account is encrypted and we cannot access the content of your account.

Provide your Account Information

Any one of these items will help us identify your account. The items listed first are the best to use:
  • account number, this number is visible on the top bar after you login
  • your login name, this is the name you use to access your account and is normally not your email address
  • your account activation code
Your password is not required, so never send it to us.

Allow us Time to Respond

We will respond within a few hours, sometimes minutes. We prioritize the responses based on the perceived urgency of the issue. Do not state the issue is urgent unless it really is. A high quality question will allow us to respond promptly and correctly. Reade the section on providing detailed description of the problem. If you learn anything that may be of help after submitting a ticked, add to it again, especially before we respond.
Now with this out of the way, proceed to our ticketing system. You will need to create a user name and a password. Please do NOT use the same password as you use to access your secure account. Our ticketing system allows you to track the progress of your support tickets and allows you to add relevant information at any time.
The support service is provided FREE of charge.

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