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secure email

secure instant messaging

secure file storage


least expensive account,

good for secure email and secure messaging

$7.99 200MB yes yes small files only  secure-email-button-signup
$13.99 1GB yes yes yes secure-email-button-signup

most popular account,

sufficient capacity to send most file attachments

     $17.99           2.5GB      yes yes yes secure-email-button-signup
$27.99 5GB yes yes yes secure-email-button-signup

huge capacity,

send extremely large attachments and securey keep many files online

$39.99 10GB yes yes yes secure-email-button-signup
$59.99 25GB yes yes yes secure-email-button-signup

top of the line account,

larger accounts also available,

contact us for rates

$89.99 50GB yes yes yes


rate capacity secure email secure instant messaging secure file storage


All Plans Include

Secure Email, Secure Instant Messaging, Secure Group Chat, Secure File Storage and Secure File Sharing, web access, desktop app.

Multi-User Accounts

Multi-user accounts are also available for groups of any number of users from 2 to 1000. Larger custom accounts must be individually negotiated.


All plans come with unlimited bandwidth. Large file transfers will only be affected by the bandwidth of your Internet connection. File transfers are autonomous and support auto resume, even accross multiple sessions.

Disk Space

Every plan comes with the amount of space listed. Should need additonal disk space beyound the 50GB package we will provide you with additional capacity at a small nominal fee. Please contact us if you need an upgrade.


Free phone and online support is provided. You will receive the phone number and other contact information.